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Get Pre Approved 

Most mortgage lenders take the guess work out of applying for a loan by figuring out for you the amount you can afford to borrow. Then, they give you a printed document stating the maximum mortgage amount you qualify for based on your particular finances and income.

Mortgage pre-approval establishes your price range and strengthens your buying position by letting the Seller know that you have already been approved for the loan. It can also ease time constraints once the purchase agreement is accepted between Buyer and Seller.

Don't be daunted by the many concepts and terms regarding mortgages. Arranging one isn't that difficult -- all it takes is a little brushing up on your part and the experience and advice of a good Realtor or mortgage professional.

Shopping For A Mortgage Is Changing...

More and more lenders are competing for your business. New features and options are being introduced every day. Knowing what product is right for you - and what undisclosed policy could cost more in the future - is becoming increasingly complicated.

Maybe that's why more than one in five Canadian mortgages is now handled by mortgage brokers. (I always use a mortgage broker to guide me through the financing process.) Consumers like you are increasingly discovering that they just don't have the time to go from one Lender to the next, trying to figure out which deal is best, especially if you don’t know the questions to ask and may not completely understand the answers. Rather than working for one Financial Institution, mortgage brokers are able to deal with many. This allows them to offer you more product choices and more competitive rates, often even from your current Institution. It also means that their advice is impartial, and the options provided are based on your specific requirements.

I invite you to learn more about the concept of letting an independent, unbiased professional help you with your mortgage. The mortgage broker will answer any questions you may have about the no-fee service, and then do an analysis of your financial situation to determine what type of mortgage can best achieve your goals... simply and affordably. The mortgage broker will make sure you get the most beneficial mortgage for your specific needs, but most importantly advise you on the right terms and conditions for you today and in the future.

Let me help you find the best mortgage - no obligation. Ask me today.