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Working with the right Realtor for you and your pets is an important decision. We understand the importance of finding the right home that fits every member of your family including pets. We have a passion for animals that will ease the stress of moving for everyone involved.

As your pet-friendly Realtor, we are knowledgeable about solutions to your questions and can happily provide you the answers you seek. 

When considering a new home purchase finding the right fit for everyone's lifestyle is important. What works for some may not be right for everyone including pets. Consider the following concerns among many:

  • Do you require a yard? What size? Fenced?
  • Are there places nearby you can walk your pet? Trails? Off leash parks?
  • If you have an older pet, do you need to avoid a lot of stairs?
  • Are hardwood, tile or carpeted floors preferred?
  • If you have an unconventional pet, does it require special zoning?
  • If it's a condominium (townhouse or apartment) are there restrictions as to the size/type/number of pets that are allowed on the premises?

Choosing us as your pet-friendly Realtor we will work to make your new home choice perfect for everyone in your family!

Selling a home can be tough on pets, tough on potential buyers and tough for you if you are trying to keep your home in pristine condition to sell for top dollar. Not all buyers feel the same affection towards cats, dogs, birds and even fish as we do. In fact some are terrified and will not enter a home with resident pets. In such cases we often make proven recommendations that work for your family's lifestyle. Let us show you how best to handle situations for your whole family. We have techniques that work to lessen the impact of pets in a home to maximize buyer interest and generate higher offers.

If you own a pet then choosing to work with a Realtor who understands the special needs of pet owners is vitally important to everyone's well-being. We love pets and we know homes in Oakville having been selling real estate here since 1972. We have moved thousands of families and their pets and we would love to help your family make the right move.

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